WebSSL is a cryptographic library built to run within a Hardware Security Module and provides a universally accessible interface.

A cryptographic boundary encompasses the connection and execution environment, ideal for security sensitive projects, such as: PKI environments, Card Payment Systems, DNSSEC and Cryptocurrency wallets.



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  • How does it work?Utimaco allows developers with the SDK to build additional Firmware modules to their standard ones which are fairly low-level.The standard firmware modules are:
  • SMOS​ file system, device driver, memory management
  • UTIL​ system clock, random number generation
  • CMDS​ command dispatcher, byte buffer protocol
  • DB​ database driver
  • PP​ PIN-pad driver SC​ smartcard interface
  • MBK​ Master Backup Key interface
  • ASN1​ ASN.1 encoding library
  • ADM​ Administration module
  • Cryptographic Modules ​VDES, AES, VRSA, ECDSA, DSA, HASH
  • Arithmetic Modules ​LNA, ECA
  • Hardware acceleration ​HCE, EXARThe WebSSL project uses the following additional modules:
  • HTTP ​HTTP encoding/decoding + is the external entry and exit point to the API
  • CMS ​Cryptographic Message Syntax (Understands high level cryptographic message formats such as: X.509 certificates, PKCS7/SMIME, PKCS8/Encrypted Key, PKCS10/CSRs)
  • TLS ​Transport Layer Security (Handles the TLS session keys, currently supports TLS 1.2 with the RSA-AES128-SHA1/SHA256 ciphersuite)
  • JSON ​JSON encoding/decoding

Proposition 1

These modules can be used by other developers to easily add a HTTP accessible API to their own custom firmware modules or just add support for CMS messages.

Proposition 2

These modules can be used to build a cloud based HSM-As-A-Service. The service provides a multitude of cryptographic functionality. Each command is timed and billed accordingly.


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Free-Unregistered, Free-Registered, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 – Registered, FIPS 140-2 Level 4 – Registered

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