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Black Vault HSM.RAS – Remote Access and Smart Card Reader

The BlackVault HSM.RAS is a versatile and highly yet fully functional compact network attached general purpose FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Hardware Security Module with unique functionality making authentication, security, compliance, and ease of use paramount.

Its compact “hard drive” form-factor and redundant, battery-backed, solid state key storage allow BlackVaultHSM.RAS to be moved to a secure room or safe without loss or compromise of root keys or other cryptographic material. Its small form factor with USB connection and power also supports mounting BlackVaultHSM.RAS within application servers and other compact environments.



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The BlackVault HSM.RAS is an affordable commercial grade model with an integrated Smart Card reader that utilizes an extruded aluminum case that has flanged end plates for securely mounting: within a 1U shelf/locking drawer; on DIN rail or wall mount.

Powerful Features
Its powerful features include a compact form factor, smart card reader, tamper reactive silicon die shield, long battery life, networked and off-line operation with Ethernet and USB ports, and much more.


BlackVault HSM.RAS utilizes an intuitive iconic graphical user interface. A structured menu system facilitates straight forward configuration via remote management. The user interface presents Crypto Officers with a sequence of dialog boxes that lead through a series of well-defined steps to initiate the HSM and provision cards and keys.

Trusted Path Authentication
The integrated smart card reader facilitates two-factor authentication, and advanced “M of N” Quorum approval. This ensures that no single individual can authorize administrative or operational actions.

Real Time Audits
Constantly updated configuration and operation information provide Security Administrators with the data to discover anomalous activity or failure of critical functions. Audit information can be sent to a trusted entity and is protected to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or deletion.

Military Grade Tamper Reactive
BlackVaultHSM.RAS cryptographic boundary is within the silicon of its secure CPU. This silicon die shield has dynamic fault detection with real-time environmental and tamper detection circuitry. It also avoids inadvertent tamper, making the BlackVaultHSM.RAS safe to transport. When a tamper event is detected, the Cryptographic keys are zeroized (deleted).

Ideal for Many Applications
The BlackVault HSM.RAS is an independently certified standards based network attached hsm (hardware security module) that performs key management and cryptographic operations for enterprises, certificate authorities, government, and a growing list of organizations requiring strong security for PKI, digital certificates, code signing, document signing, cryptographic key storage, data encryption, key generation and regulatory compliance in cloud companion, networked and off-line (air-gap) operations.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

Full Suite B support with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

Asymmetric: RSA (1024, 2048, 4096, 8192), Diffie-Hellman, DSA, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECDSA (NIST Curves: P-192, P-224, P-256, P-384, P-521, K-163, K-233, K-283, K-409, K-571, B-163, B-233, B-283, B-409, B-571), ECDH)

Symmetric: AES 256

Hash / Message Digest: SHA-1, SHA-2 (224, 256, 384, 512)

Hardware Random Number Generator: NIST SP 800-90

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat

Virtual: VMware, Windows

Cryptographic APIs

PCKS#11, Java (JCE), Microsoft CAPI / CNG

Host Connectivity

10/100 Ethernet with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Optional SFP

Additional Connectivity

Integrated Smart Card Reader

USB 2.0


Graphical User Interface

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Syslog Logging

SNMPv3 Monitoring and Traps

Multi-level Access Control ("M of N")

Remote Management


Desktop (Portable)

19” rack mount (1U height)

Server Hard Drive Slot Embeddable


Dimensions: 4” x 6” x 1” (102 mm x 153 mm x 26 mm)

Weight: 1 lb. (0.454 kg)


Power Consumption: 4W

Input Range: 5 to 30 VDC

Lockable DB9 Connector

AC adaptor included(order per country)


Optional Dual Power, Hot Standby


Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)

Storage Temperature: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)

Operating Humidity: Up to 90% (Non-Condensing)

Optional Extended Temperature Range Available on the BlackVault HSM.TAC


FIPS 140-2 Level 3



Safety: IEC 60950

EMC: CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B: 2002, EN55022: 1994+A1&A2, EN55024, ICES-003 1997, CISPR22 Level A


Intrusion Tamper Reactive Hardware (Level 3+)

Integrated Smart Card Reader

Network and USB Connectivity

Solid State Construction (“Transport Safe”)

Highly Secure Silicon Die Shield Crypto Boundary

Multiple Administrative Roles

"M of N" Multi-factor Authentication

Key Backup / Cloning

Full Suite B Cryptography

Software Upgradable

Support options

1 Yr, 2 Yr, 3Yr

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