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ID-3 bridges the gap between a cloud HSM platform and service management support

ID-3 identifies and recommends the best in cloud powered payment HSMs.

Payment HSMs are an essential element of security in the payments ecosystem. Their use in payments and PIN processing is mandated by PCI and must be certified to PCI security standards.

ID-3 Zero Touch closes the service delivery gap in HSM service management providing HSM monitoring, rapid deployment, key management, key ceremony services and more.

ID-3 helps you to select the right vendor to accelerate the digital transformation of your payment ecosystem

Understand whether a Payment HSM bare metal infrastructure or an HSM Managed service is right for you.

HSM Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides cryptographic key operations for real-time payment transactions from Azure, AWS, Oracle or GCP delivered using Thales payShield 10K or Utimaco payment HSMs whilst meeting the most stringent payment card industry (PCI) requirements for security, compliance, low latency, and high performance.

Cloud HSM offers


Full administrative and cryptographic control of HSMs in your estate


An HSM and infrastructure built to comply with PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, 3DS and PCI DSS


FIPS 140-2 level 3 and PCI HSM v3 certified HSMs


High performance and low latency services with cloud scale and global redundancy

Enhance security and compliance

Maintain security and compliance standards for your PCI environments in the cloud. Industry leading data centres that house Payment HSM solutions are PCI DSS and PCI 3DS compliant, and the service uses Thales or Utimaco HSMs, which are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM v3 certified. This allows you to simplify ongoing security audit compliance and increase your security posture. 


Manage your payment Cloud HSM

Maintain full administrative control of your PCI environment in the cloud with single-tenant, self-managed HSMs. Once the HSM is allocated to your subscription, the vendor has no access to your data. When the HSM is no longer required and the device is returned to the vendor, your data is erased to ensure complete privacy and security.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

100% vendor managed HSM servicing and hardware maintenance

Entire estate HSM health and utilisation monitoring and reporting

Fully defined scope for certifications along with gap analysis and remediation support from experienced assessment partnerships

Plan and license HSM capacity based on the scaling needs of your organisations

Design and maintain service availability with service geolocated to suit the needs of your organisation as you grow

Plan for up to Layer 2 self sovereign secured connectivity with any CSP 

Cloud Payment HSM pricing

All cloud payment HSM service providers use a variation of pay-as-you-go and annual pricing models with a pre-defined billing mechanism that records number of HSM resources, performance speed, timespan, utilisation and other billing factors. You’ll be billed monthly or annually and will be able to upgrade or downgrade performance level to meet your business needs at varying intervals.

ID-3 and Cloud HSM Support Benefits

ID-3 and Cloud HSM Support Benefits

Broad Lines of Cloud HSM Regulatory Responsibility

The cost of HSM ownership can be heavy. ID-3 using the Zero Touch option or partner services may augment existing services or fully manage most of the HSM service ownership burdens as listed.

Broad Lines of Cloud HSM Regulatory Responsibility

The cost of HSM ownership can be heavy. ID-3 using the Zero Touch option or partner services may augment existing services or fully manage most of the HSM service ownership burdens as listed.

Frequently asked questions about Payment HSMs

Depending on the vendor, Cloud Payment HSMs are available in East US, West US, South Central US, Central US, North Europe, West Europe regions.

After HSMs are provisioned, they’re connected directly to a user’s virtual network, and placed under users’ sole administrative control. HSMs can be provisioned as a pair of devices and configured for high availability. The HSMs are remotely managed using Thales payShield Manager.

Financial institutions in the payment ecosystem including issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors, and payment networks would benefit from a Payment HSM.

With benefits including low latency and the ability to quickly add more HSM capacity as required, our partners Payment HSMs are a perfect fit for a broad range of use cases, including payment processing, payment credential issuing, securing keys and authentication data, and sensitive data protection.

As a Payment HSM is a specialised service, customers should contact an ID-3 account manager to discuss their requirements either by phone call or via email.

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